As many of you are aware, the beginning and end of the school day are very busy times outside of our building. The combination of pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic can put students’ safety at risk unless we have appropriate measures in place. Last year, we decided to close off the north parking lot in order to prevent vehicles from entering where the majority of our students exit. Public access to the south staff parking lot has recently increased and made it difficult for our buses to safely load and unload our students. As a result, effective Monday, November 4, we will be closing access to this parking lot from 2:00 until all students have left for the day. As in the past, we continue to welcome our volunteers and parents with emergency situations to use the staff parking lots.

We always recommend that students take an active route to school (e.g, walking or biking). Parents/guardians can encourage their children by walking with them instead of driving. If a vehicle must be taken, we want to remind drivers that there is a “No Stop” zone on the east side of Gail St. and that there is no parking inside the bus loading zones in front of the school. City of Cambridge by-law enforcement officers have been present and will be ticketing offenders.

Another safety reminder that we would like to highlight concerns visitors to the school. It is the Waterloo Region District School Board’s policy that all visitors (including parents/guardians) sign in at the main office when entering the building. If you have made arrangements with a staff member to be in the school, a visitor’s badge will be issued upon arrival at the school.

We thank you for your collaboration and ongoing partnership.