Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year, which has begun in a way like no other. We will forever remember the impacts COVID-19 has had on our lives and education. However, I want to assure you that we will make every effort to keep your children safe at school and provide them with a world-class education, in spite of the obvious limitations.

The school custodial team, along with school board personnel, have worked tirelessly to clean, organize and upgrade our facility over the summer months. Many enhancements and additions will continue to be worked on even while our students are back.

It is my honour and privilege to serve this amazing community once more this year. Please know that I will do whatever I can to ensure that your child is safe, feels welcome and has every opportunity to learn while in our care. We hope that you will partner with our wonderful and talented educators in order to provide the very best experience for your child while they are with us.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our staff is always very responsive and will be happy to communicate or meet with you whenever possible.

Your principal,

Mr. M. Lehmann