All school doors will be locked throughout the day. When picking up/dropping off your child during school hours, simply go to the front door of the school where you can buzz the office and a staff member will be there to meet you. Parents, guardians, and visitors to the school are restricted during the pandemic as per WRDSB and Ministry guidelines. If your child needs to go home throughout the day for any reason, school personnel will advise you on pick up procedures.   



At this time, students are being asked not to bring personal belongings to school. We are asking that students arrive with a very minimal amount of items, as these will be kept with them at all times while in class. One backpack with a lunch and snacks, a pre-filled refillable water bottle, a face mask and, if available, a small unscented hand-sanitizer (not in spray form). If possible, we encourage students to bring an additional mask should the first one become unusable. Students will not require an additional pair of shoes so we ask that their worn shoes are comfortable and appropriate for some physical activity throughout the day. Gym clothes will not be required at this time. All necessary school supplies will be provided by the teacher, school and the WRDSB. There is no need to send your child to school with any supplies.

Masks must be worn at all times indoors, except when eating. While students are outdoors playing, masks may be removed as long as they respect physical distancing guidelines. Masks need to be kept on each person (in pocket or slipped onto arms) at all times. 



Teachers evaluate student achievement on a continuous basis. Evaluation may include observations, conversations and products (projects, tests and daily assignments). Formal reports and Kindergarten Communication of Learning are distributed 2 times a year (February and June). In grades 1 through 6, letter grades (A, B, C, D, R) will be used to report student achievement; grade 7 and 8 report cards use percentage grades. There is also an interim report card that goes home in November. More information will be forthcoming regarding parent/student/teacher conferences and interviews throughout the year. Parents with questions or concerns about their child’s progress should always connect with the classroom teacher.




Teacher supervision of students is provided for 15 minutes before and after school. Please make sure that your child arrives by 9 am for entry. As there will be a staggered entry during the pandemic, students must use the door that is assigned to their class when entering and exiting the school. Due to physical distancing protocols, this may take a little longer than usual. Classroom teachers will be reviewing these new entry and exit routines with their classes to ensure safety and security of all students in the building. 


A student must bring a note to the teacher to explain the reason for early dismissal if a student must leave the building at times other than the regular dismissal time. When arriving late or leaving early, students will sign in electronically with one of our office staff members. If a student is ill, contact will be made by the classroom teacher or the main office.

Parents need to drop their children off at the door of the school. At the end of the day, it is important for parents who pick up their children, to establish a pick up routine and location with their child.



There is an Attendance Check Program at Avenue Road Public School. Parents are asked to telephone the school at  519-623-0860, Ext 1 or and leave a message to inform us if their child is going to be late or absent. Messages may be left  24 hours prior to the day. The message should contain the following information: date, time, student’s name, grade, teacher’s name, reason for being late/absent and the estimated period of time that the student will be away.

Avenue Road School will attempt to telephone all parents who have not informed the school of their child’s absence, but we appreciate the assistance in having the information ahead of time in order to avoid the time spent tracking students down.

Parents are required to sign a form accepting responsibility for schooling during an absence if a student is to be away for five or more days for reasons other than illness or injury.



Please ensure that your child is consistently arriving at school on time. Students are expected to arrive at school no later than 9:00 a.m. in the morning but a goal of arriving before 8:55 will mean that they will be able to enter with their classmates and get the full benefits of learning throughout the day.

Students who arrive after 9:00 am are to enter by the front door and must report directly to the office to be admitted into the classroom. As visitors are restricted from entering the building, parents and guardians may remain with their child until they have been granted access to enter the school and proceed to the main office.

We realize and accept that late arrivals are sometimes unavoidable for reasons such as medical appointments or family emergencies. However, when students arrive late to school on a regular basis we see a noticeable impact on their learning. Consistently arriving late to school creates ongoing problems including disrupting the learning environment of other students as well as missing important information and routines to begin the school day.

All late arrivals will be recorded and will appear on the student’s report card unless the student has a note of explanation from a parent, the parent has phoned the school to inform the office or the parent signs the student in.

Consistent unexplained late arrivals of a student will result in consequences that may include communication with home, a meeting with the administration and involvement with our attendance counselor.


Gym uniforms are not required at this time and change rooms are off-limits during the pandemic. However, we ask that everyday clothing be comfortable and which includes shoes for the required daily physical activity/DPA.



The Waterloo Region District School Board believes that students and staff benefit from access to telecommunications services and computer technology, in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration and discussion. The Board also believes that the benefits far exceed any disadvantages and as such, we provide devices for students to use as a part of their learning.  Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are responsible for encouraging students under age 18 in the appropriate use of technology in the school. With this in mind, the following are guidelines for use of personal electronic devices at Avenue Road Public School.

In consideration of the benefits and drawbacks of student smartphone use during the instructional day, the WRDSB Technology Acceptable Use Procedure, staff discussions, administrator response to various concerns and consultation with many stakeholders, it is the policy of Avenue Road Public School that:

Should students choose to bring their device(s) to school, they must be turned off and placed in their backpack/lockers upon arrival in the school where they will remain for the entire instructional day.

  • Avenue Road Public School will not be liable or responsible for the theft, loss or destruction of any personal devices while at school or on school property. Users are responsible for securing their device while at school and if they feel they are unable to do so adequately they should NOT bring their device to school.
  • Further information about the school board’s acceptable use policy can be found at: (Use of these telecommunications services and computer technology is a privilege, not a right. The service is provided to students to enhance their educational experience and to staff to assist them in the performance of their jobs. The privilege may be revoked for unacceptable conduct and or staff may be subject to disciplinary action. Abuse of the technology may also lead to civil and/or criminal action.)



Our school dress code is based on three guiding principles: Safety, Appropriateness, and  Neatness.  We expect our students to be dressed in appropriate attire in order to preserve the integrity of our learning environment and maintain the standards we have for our students. In order to maintain these standards and to foster a good reputation for our school, we rely upon our parents and guardians to ensure that our dress code expectations are discussed with the students and followed for the entire year.

If a student is wearing something contrary to our dress code, he/she will be asked to change or cover up with something more suitable. This may include being sent home to change. If there is ongoing non-compliance, parents will be contacted. Our goal is a positive learning environment for all.


All wheeled transportation must be walked on school property and stored in the bicycle racks provided. Bicycles should be locked using the bike rack we have near the primary entrance. The school is not responsible for losses or damages to bicycles or other methods of transportation, or their accessories. Students are required by law to wear a helmet, if bicycling to and from school.



Avenue Road will be following the principles of a Boomerang Lunch where all uneaten food, wrappers and containers will be returned home for disposal. Pre-filled water bottles are encouraged as well.

As per WRDSB and Ministry guidelines, access to school will be restricted to visitors (including parents/guardians) except in the case of emergencies. As such, typical lunch drop-offs will not be possible at this time. In the case where a child requires food, we have a regular supply of snacks thanks to Nutrition for Learning that all students have access to.

Students are expected to eat in their appointed seats and to clean up after themselves.



  • Students must remain seated at all times, and ask for permission to leave the classroom for any reason.
  • Make quiet conversation with people in your immediate area
  • Eat lunch in your proper area. Food and drink are to be consumed in your classroom only.
  • Clean up area- desk and floors should be clear of garbage and spills.
  • Wait at your desk for dismissal by supervisor
  • Be respectful, reasonable & responsible



Food may only be eaten in class during the designated portion of nutrition break. Students are encouraged to pack nutritious snacks and be kind to the environment when making lunches. Students will not have access to a microwave, so please plan lunches accordingly. Students are responsible for bringing utensils from home to eat with.

As many of you are aware, a significant number of students in our schools have developed serious or life threatening allergies to foods and airborne scents. For these students, attending school can be a risk and one that we would like to reduce as much as possible. At Avenue Road, we have students who have serious allergies to peanuts and nut products. Coming in contact with or ingesting these products can produce a life-threatening anaphylactic response.

As a courtesy to these students, please be aware of this when packing lunches and snacks for nutrition breaks. Although none of these students may be in your child’s class, they do come in contact on the playground and in the halls. As a way to reduce the risks of a reaction, we are requesting that you refrain from sending raw nuts of any kind or nuts in baked goods to school.

We appreciate your support in this manner as we want to ensure the safety and well-being of all our students. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.




The Avenue Road School library contains a variety of print and non-print resources. These items are selected to meet staff and students’ information needs as well as students’ recreational reading interests.



At Avenue Road, our goal is to develop positive character attributes in the following areas:

  • Academic learning
  • Personal character
  • Contribution to community

Avenue Road values kindness, perseverance and honesty. 



The Waterloo Region District School Board is committed to encouraging positive school climates for staff and students. Students cannot reach their full potential if they do not feel safe, respected and cared for in the classroom, in the school and on the playground. The Education Act requires school boards to ensure appropriate consequences are applied to inappropriate behaviour and that supports are in place to assist students in changing those behaviours.

Progressive Discipline can range from a loss of privileges,  verbal reminders, up  to full expulsion depending on the seriousness of the incident. The goal of all interventions should provide students with appropriate supports that address inappropriate behaviour.

Progressive discipline is most effective when dialogue between the school and home regarding student achievement, behaviour and expectations is open, courteous and focused on student success.



The school bus is an extension of the classroom. Riding a school bus is a privilege and not a right. 

Improper conduct may result in the withdrawal of this privilege. Restoration will be at the discretion of the school officials after consultation with the student and parent/guardian. Kindergarten children who ride a bus will be dropped off at their designated bus stop only if there is an adult to meet and supervise them. 

There will be a seating plan this year provided by transportation in order to maintain physical distance and student safety.  



It is important that students, parents, teachers, and administrators communicate on a regular basis. Should you ever have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to reach out to their teacher. If you require further support, the school administration would be more than happy to speak with you.