Our school dress code is based on four guiding principles: Cleanliness, Neatness, Appropriateness and Safety. We expect our students to be dressed in appropriate, presentable attire in order to preserve the integrity of our learning environment and maintain the high standards we have for our students. In order to maintain these standards and to foster a good reputation for our school, we rely upon our parents and guardians to ensure that our dress code expectations are discussed with the students and followed for the entire year.

• No clothing with offensive or inappropriate language or graphics
• No provocative style clothing (i.e. see-through mesh/lace garments, tight shorts)
• Sleeveless tops must have straps 2 fingers wide and regular sized arm holes covering undergarments
• No Tarzan tops (one strap), plunging necklines, backless or strapless tops
• Bottom of the tops must meet the tops of the bottoms (no midriff showing)
• No undergarments showing
• When standing straight up, the bottom of shorts or skirt should be no shorter than fingertip length when you hold your
arms straight down along the side of your body
• No bandanas or gang wear
• No hats or hoods on (inside the school)
• Any choices that diminish from the learning environment